Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Exercise: Your own workflow 2

This exercise is similar to the previous exercise though the subject matter is unstructured and open in terms of time generating an unpredictable number of images. This leads to a slightly different workflow, especially in the selection process. I chose street photography on a visit to London, the number of images taken was around 60 but these were reduced on the day by deleting poor images using the camera's preview window. This is itself is a variation to the previous workflow....
The workflow consisted of:

Planning: Capture classic street images of London, visit Convent garden, capture street performers, crowds, people in situations.....

Preparation: batteries charged, memory cards wiped, selected wide angle lens with polarising filter. Flash batteries checked.

Shooting: check images and re-shoot or delete as appropriate. Checking done on tube etc. Looking for over-exposed, under exposed, blurred images.

Download images to negatives directory under a subdirectory of 'Your own workflow 2'

Made selection of 'selects' and then chose the best from these., after having a break and reviewing.

Finally edited final selects for colour, contrast and sharpness. Saved to JPEGS and uploaded to blog.


This is subtlety different to the first exercise. I found that the workflow varies in the time allowed to refine images on the job, this leads to a lower number making the processing stage quicker. The choice of subject also leads to images that you had no idea you would capture, this in turns makes the selection process longer as there will be more varied images compared to that of the firs workflow where there may be many images of the same subject. Planning and processing did not vary much if any thing at all.

I am not sure if it is relevant but I also find choosing the final selects harder!!!!

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