Thursday, 15 September 2011

Reading material

As part of this course I have been reading two books. The first is actually Diane Arbus' unofficial biography by Patricia Bosworth. I wanted to see what went into the mind of such a talented and creative photographer who clearly had both highs and lows in her life. Here older brother,  Howard Nemerov, became the very successful American poet and writer is also mentioned in great detail also along with their deep childhood relationship. Born into new money shortly after the depression their lives as children seemed quite challenging. I have now reached the part where Diane is moving away from art and music and is starting to experiment with the camera, and forming ideas of capturing people that seem out of place.Diane has also met Alan Arbus, and it about to marry. I am not sure how this will help but I am hoping that something will rub off.

The second book is the Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman, the author of the TAOP and DPP courses. This is part of the recommended reading in the course notes. At first I was not sure about the content of this book as the first couple of chapters are really just a review of the TAOP course which I have now completed. However ploughing on I think that this is a good book to underpin the knowledge gained so far and it seems in some areas to go much deeper than TAOP and Freeman is very good at explaining things in simple terms with very good illustrations so I will finish this one off soon and use it as reference.

Assignment 1 is now finished and I will continue this weekend with the next section.....

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