Sunday, 18 December 2011

Exercise: Interpretative processing

This exercise is all about making interpretations of an image for creative purposes. We are asked to take a single image and using the processing software available, make three interpretations.

The first image has very little adjustment from what was seen, slight adjustments were for exposure and contrast. The image was taken later in the later on on a clear summer's day.

The second image was an attempt to make the landscape more barren. For this I reduced the exposure by about half a stop, and using the raw converter I  moved the yellows slider from green to orange. This has resulted in the mid ground desaturating the greens and giving a more rusty look to the ground. The sky too was slightly adjusted to give a stronger colour as if the image was taken at a higher altitude.

The final image was an attempt to make the image look later in the day as if dusk has fallen. I reduced the exposure and adjusted the temperature to reflect a murkier tone.

I feel that overall the last image has worked least of all, it does look murky, but then it also looks poorly taken. I think that the middle image has work better as an interpretation of a more desolate environment.

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