Monday, 30 April 2012

The Start of the Final Assignment

I have yet to write up all of the exercises for this part of the module and yet to take any images for the assignment, although I have some ideas, yet I have found time to start taking images for the final assignment.....

My initial remit that I have discussed with my tutor is to take images of abandoned or derelict buildings. The first problem I have is finding suitable and interesting buildings. As a keen cyclist I do get to see many sites that most would whiz by in a car and miss, and this has led me to three of my subjects. I hope to get between 3 or 4 images per site, this is my first challenge. The cyclist in me has ideas for the next assignment which I will leave or now.

My tutor suggested I visit these building at different times of the day or in varying weather conditions and this is excellent advise to get a more varied set of images. Darkened skies perhaps, or a setting sun for example. Rain too may show the neglect for a building left to stand by itself.

I want to get images that shout out decay, abandonment, rot, loneliness, help,  perhaps crying out for the old times of a past when this building was cared for, lived in or used productively. If I can find some evidence of life before the abandonment set in today that would be one of my main goals achieved.

I have been checking the weather forecast in the area of my main interest and last early evening it was ideal conditions for what I was looking for, so I headed off to Horsebridge Mill.

The sun was setting lighting up the main brick tower so I concentrated on this side of the building, wading through mud and sodden ground. The water still flows through the mill creating a very relaxing sound that has not been muted over the years. With the amount of rain lately this has almost caused the banks to burst; I think I have one or two possibles from this angle.

I then concentrated on the other side of the building, walking around to the old water wheel that stands motionless, and then on to the front of the building that is weathered and worn, paint peeling off the brickwork, doors and windows smashed and boarded.

I was surprised with the fading light how different the images are from the sunny side to the dark side. I have yet to look at most of them but one took my eye and I have spent a good hour or even two on processing it. I hope it is well received. I think it will be hard to better.

My only regrets are that the mill is such a good subject that I will find it hard to get images as good as these from my other buildings. I do not think I could get 10 images from just this one, but I will leave that idea in my back pocket just in case.

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