Monday, 28 May 2012

We'll take Manhatten

Last night I watched an excellent fact based drama about a young David Bailey on shoot for Vougue with his girlfriend / model Jean Shrimpton in 1962

The programme really showed off Bailey's attitude to rejecting the norm', almost sticking two fingers up at tradition and re-writing the rule book for fashion photography. He saw a more youthful vibrant need for change, with a new post war generation that demanded a new identity and he gave that to them.

The images he captured were not just about fashion, but capturing the time and place, itself giving a context of belonging. Traditional framed images were now a thing of the past.

He even rejected the requirement to use a full frame camera on a tripod, favouring a more agile 35mm Pentax. 'Grainier' was deemed to be more refreshing.

The images that were recreated in the drama were absolutely to die for. If you watch nothing else then just look at the end credits and see the following...... These are Bailey's originals producing fresh vibrant images that are almost timeless. I particularly like the image with the puddle, great foresight, and the 'Twist' image with so much going on but yet in perfect balance. How does he see all of this? The 'Teddy Bear' theme throughout also adds a great connection between images....

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